Things to Do After Upgrading HP Laptop to Windows 10

Windows 10 brings a true collection of next-generation computing with amazing features that will make your computing task easier and productive. When you update your HP laptop to windows 10, you have to do few things that are very important to avoid any major issue and use windows 10 features uninterruptedly. Here below find the things you should do after upgrading HP laptop to windows 10 with effective suggestions to do that.

Run Full Update for New Windows 10

It seems little silly, that if you have already upgraded your windows to 10 and again asking to update it. Yes its true, as it is the main version and there are several updates come regularly which should be updated to avoid bugs and other issues on windows 10. To update windows just type windows update in the search box of Cortana that will show you the windows update option, but ignore any kind of invitation to setup Cortana. HP laptop technical support also offers online help service to update the windows 10.

Download and Install All the Drivers

After upgrading Windows 10 in your HP laptop you have to update all the drivers that are necessary to perform various actions or control other hardware devices. Install HP laptop drivers from reliable sources as per your system compatibility and software requirement. The crucial drivers are video & audio driver, wireless network and touchpad driver etc. If you face any kind of technical issue you can get online help.

Check the Privacy Settings of Windows 10

To keep your windows 10 safe you need to use express settings option and enable the privacy settings to protect your system from various threats. To enable privacy settings to go settings and click to privacy where you will find the option with quick results. Though Windows 10 comes with window defender to provide the security you can install antivirus software to protect your PC from virus attack and risk from other malicious files. If you face any issues in your HP windows laptop go for HP laptop troubleshooting.

Many HP users facing several problems while updating their laptop to windows 10 operating system. Failure of windows is itself a major problem, and there could be multiple reasons creating a problem. But here we brought a list of solution that will help you in troubleshooting windows error and support you to successfully install the latest OS of Microsoft.

Restore the System for the Last Update

When windows 10 update fails then restore the system to the previous version that will recover all files and system settings into the preceding version. To find the updated status go to settings and update & security where advance settings will show the details of last updated history. Take HP laptop technical support to restore your HP laptop.

Use Microsoft Troubleshooter

Not everything helpful but sometimes works. Download windows troubleshooter and install into your system to run windows update diagnostic that will help you to fix the windows update issues. It can also fix the problem itself and will give you’re the complete description of entire problem that you can find on the internet by searching.

Restore Backup of your Windows

If you have taken backups of your HP laptop windows, you can restore it after installing windows 10. Maybe all media files and libraries restored in a usable format and troubleshoot your data missing problem. But make sure you have created backups into another external hard drive which would be away from malware risk and other threats.

Reinstall Windows 10 through CD drive

This could be the last but effective troubleshooting process to update your HP laptop to windows 10. Get a copy of genuine windows 10 and install it through CD drive. Follow the instructions carefully and you would be definitely getting windows 10 in your system without any error. However, if you still failed to update then call at HP laptops support phone number 1- and get help from professional technician working for HP laptops.

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