Steps to Diagnose and Fix an Overheating HP Laptop Problem

Laptop heating happens due to processor works nonstop for running computer programs. But overheating may cause other problems and technical errors for the HP device. Fixing the overheating problem is very important to maintain the laptop temperature for long use.

Actually, to maintain the laptop temperature a fan runs inside the device that exhausts heat outside to cool down its heat. But due to dust buildup on air vents inside the laptop stopping fan to control temperature properly could be resulted a major problem for end users. But, here you can find how to solve HP laptop overheating problems effortlessly.

How to Diagnosis Overheating Issues?

There are many symptoms that indicate a HP laptop has overheating problem. When a game suddenly stop responding, when windows hang or not responding, when exhausting fan makes noise due to fast spinning to control heat, when sign of black screen evident or when keyboard or mouse not respond, all these are the indication of laptop overheating. If anyone not able to diagnosis such indications he can take HP laptop help.

Remove Dust Particles and Clean Vents

Dust and lint clogged on the vents stop air to come out from inside the laptop. Accumulation of dust covers the heat generating components and fan not able to cool down its temperature. The dust and lint should be properly removed using small vacuum cleaner machine. However, any issue arises due to overheating, can be fixed through HP technical support.

Use Laptop with Proper Ventilation Space

Besides dusting, a laptop should be used while keeping at the proper place where the fans can ventilate properly. Users should avoid keeping HP laptops on cushions or couches, as due to laptop weight pressure the ventilation mouth blocked causes overheating. Keep laptops on flat tables or pads with minimum six inches clearance around the ventilation. To know the exact remoteness to use HP laptop at various places call HP customer support number.

Laptop at Cooler Place and Check Hardware Failure    

If a HP laptop facing overheating problem, then user can maintain its temperature by placing it at cooler place. Move it at cooler room and check hardware components that can be damaged due to overheating. Get HP laptop repair support to check hardware parts like RAM, processor, graphic card and battery that can be affected due to overheating. And sometimes a ventilation fan not runs properly or get damaged becomes the main cause of overheating.

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