Most common mistakes of using computer

Most of the people like to use their computer for many reasons. Engineers and architects spend hours on computer to complete their task. Working on computer is not so tough but maintaining that same computer for years is actually tough. If you want to maintain your computer then you must avoid some common mistakes which are done by all of us.

Common Mistakes of using computer

No Break From Work

Computer processor continuously works without taking a break, therefore when you are using a computer; its components are continuously getting heated by. Most of the time technicians say that computers get damaged because of excessive heating. Experts recommend that while working on your computer one must shut the whole computer after 3 to 4 hours for at least 10to 15 minutes; this will allow the computer to cool down. Room temperature also matters a lot when you are operating your computer. Technicians say that computers should always be placed in cool environment.

No Maintenance Work

Little servicing can increase your computer’s life incredibly. All you have to do is open the cabinet and brush up all the dust. After that, start your computer and remove applications and software which are not having any importance. This will save a lot of free space and your hard disk will remain in a good condition. If you know how to fragment your partition drives then you must fragment it from time to time.  There are various other applications present in market which makes the task of maintenance very easy.  If you are not so good in using computer then you can call some expert technician to do this task for you. They will handle the entire maintenance task very carefully. Servicing your computer is very important and most people don’t bother to do it and this decreases the overall life of the computer.

 Relying on Pirated Applications

Many people depend on pirated applications to save money, but in fact you are not saving that much because usage of pirated applications are completely illegal and moreover, your computer will be open to various virus and malware attacks. Some people buy pirated operating system because original operating system application is very costly, but with original copy of operating system, you also get free updates from internet which makes your computer secure and fast. Many people don’t realize the benefit of using original application and therefore their computer doesn’t survive long enough. Always remember that original applications are developed to make your computer fast and easy to operate.

Many people do these mistakes and in return their computer starts to slow down incredibly. If you love your computer then you must take care of it properly. Computer is very important in today’s modern generation and youths can’t stay away from their computer at all, but it’s important to give your favourite computer some rest. Always try to buy branded computers. Branded computers are having 2 to 3 years of warranty and you can always take their technician’s help to sort out any problem related to your computer.

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