How to Troubleshoot Spooler and Carriage Error of an HP Printer?

how to troubleshoot spooler and carriage error of an hp printer
HP printers are magnificent solutions for home and business-related printing requirements. The printers are compact and easily portable, and thus, you can find them near you when you are trying to print your essential documents.

These devices incorporate numerous system attachments and printer emulations and these things, let them work efficaciously for almost all computing systems.

The best part of using the HP Printer is that the telephone lines of Hewlett Packard customer support are opened for the users round the clock. So, you can anytime contact them in order to resolve your queries regarding the same.

When we talk about the hardware of the device, its printers come with two major significant parts: the spooler and carriage compartments. It helps the device in performing two different functions as well.

The Spooler is the program which administers spooling, an action which puts jobs on a queue and thus taking each job separately and one at a time. One or more spoolers can be found in most of the operating systems, for instance, a printer spooler spools the document.

Additionally, there are some applications which also comprise spoolers. Several word processors, for instance, have their separate print spooler. The best advantage of a print spooler is that it allows the change of document order placed in the queue and also cancels particular print jobs.

A carriage is a compartment in the printer which is made for storing ink carriages and when this carriage moves in forward and backward direction, it transfers ink on the paper.

Now, since these two are technically programmed components of the printers, they may face issues time to time, and therefore, it would need a perfect troubleshooting action. Let’s find out how to troubleshoot spooler and carriages issues of the HP printer. First, start with the carriages

Carriage Troubleshooting-
Carriages errors might happen due to numerous reasons like the blockage in the carriage path, a paper jam or there might be any product software bug causing the issues. When carriage gets stuck, you will find a grinding noise while you are printing the documents because its actuator arms find it difficult to run properly, which stops it from moving.
The solution of Carriage Jam/Error is very simple; find them in the following steps-

• You just need to turn off the printer, and then open it to check where the paper is stuck or not.
• After that, it is important for you to move the carriage manually in the opposite direction.
• Now, you have to check the path of the paper and remove the paper or any other things which have stuck in the path. You need to remove those obstructions manually.
• Now, you have to reconnect the power cord to turn on the printer.

Spooler Troubleshooting-
As we have mentioned earlier, the spooler transfers our instructions in the form of a command to the printer. And, as per the command received by the device, it performs the task. However, if you are noticing any sort of issues related to the spooler, you need to follow a few significant steps to troubleshoot it.
Find an easy HP printer spooler troubleshooting in following steps-

• You have to press “Window Key + R” at the same time to open Run dialogue on the printer.
• Then, you need to put “services.msc” and now select the “OK” button.
• Now you have to double-click the “Printer Spooler” and then change the startup type which will be seen on the screen to “Automatic”. Now, your Spooler service will be able to start automatically after restarting the computer. Now, select the button “OK”.
• After restarting the computer, you will be able to install the printer again.

Now, after you have understood the importance and ways to troubleshoot the spooler and carriage of the HP Printer, don’t forget to follow the steps given above. In case, you have any other questions, you need to keep in mind that the experts of the HP Printer are available for you to 24*7. So, take the help of them by calling at HP Printer phone number. The number mentioned here is toll-free and is open to the users throughout the day and night. So, you can immediately contact them in order to get a perfect solution.

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