How to Troubleshoot HP Laptop DVD Drive Issues

HP laptops are well known HP quality products that are available in the market with DVD drives. These devices allow running CDs and DVDs between the connected devices with data transfer facility. But when the DVD drive is not working, it is impossible to perform this task, specially copying your valuable and important data from the CD to your laptop. The technical error may be anything, but we have to choose the right troubleshooting procedure that is very essential to find out the exact problem and fix the same with suitable solutions.  There are some important steps described below:-

Check Auto Play Status on HP Laptop:-

It is very common factor that When DVD/CD AutoPlay is disabled, and then this drive will not work in any HP laptop. When Auto play status is disabled, it is sure that no action takes place and when CD inserted nothing happens. If required any kind of technical help, call us to HP Laptop technical support and ask to certified technicians to check Auto Play status and activate it to run CDs or DVDs into HP laptop.

Reinstall DVD drive of HP laptop:-

When DVD Drive does not work perfectly, there is the best way to troubleshoot the drive is removal and reinstalling the drive name in device manager.  Reinstalling of DVD drive procedure is very difficult task to run different hardware components in the right manners and to carry out this process, you should take HP laptop tech support offered by certified technicians.


Use Troubleshooter Tool:-

If HP user feels any kind of inconvenience, they need to take the assistance of troubleshooter tool to check out hardware drives carefully. This tool is very helpful to detect the actual problems with CD/DVD drive. This procedure is very simple and inexpensive, HP users requires clicking on start button and go quickly to control panel to find under security and system. If there are very complex issues, online hp laptop support services are available 24 hour to help end users immediately.

Hardware Testing Tool:-

If your all efforts have failed to resolve all problems related to DVD drive, you have to run hardware testing tool or restore HP laptop for testing the failure of DVD/CD. Call immediately to HP laptop tech support phone number and take data backup carefully before restoring your device.  After restoring process, you have to check out DVD/CD drive again to see that it can read the disk of the laptop. If you are unable to know the actual issue, you should take help of hp laptop tech support experts immediately.

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