How to Share a HP Printer between Different Computers?

To run a printer you need a computer system well-connected and configured with right settings. But if different users who want to use the same printer for printing the documents there should be a centralize settings required to access a single printer from multiple computers. To use a single HP printer from different computers you need to share the printer through network. And as per the printer compatibility there are different ways to share a printer between multiple computer systems. Find below how to configure this settings and share a HP printer on network.

Connect Printer through Computer Server-

It is the most common solution for sharing a printer due to easy connect and setup at affordable cost. With the help of HP printer technical support, you can connect through a host computer which is also called a server computer. Through this setup, a host computer shares the printer by permitting other computer on the network to print through a Local area network or internet connection. However, sharing a printer through this mode have disadvantage, as if host or server computer in not on, you cannot print document and you should also have an uninterrupted network.

Sharing through a Dedicated Print Server

Sharing a printer through a dedicated print server is another best option. Print server allows connecting a device to your network that gives the print commands for different computers. Sharing a printer need a technical know-how and HP Printer technical support technicians can do this process flawlessly. And sharing a HP printer through dedicated printer not need to keep server computer always on, it works well even your printer is turn off.

Wireless Printer Sharing Between Various Devices

It is the most advance technology revolutionize in the printing industry. Actually, wireless printers don’t need to configure for sharing with other devices, using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology such printers can be connected with any compatible device including, desktop computers, laptop, tablets and smartphones. You don’t need to organize a printer setup process for connecting such printers, but to share a wireless printer through the network you need a Wi-Fi router and its setup to connect it with multiple computer systems.

Connecting HP printer through various modes has their own advantages and disadvantages, users can choose the right one as per his affordability and availability of resources. But one thing is very common among all these printers that in case of technical issues customer should rely only on certified printer repair service providers offering tech support service professionally.

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