How to Format a Hard Drive of HP Laptop?

Formatting laptop hard drive means you are going to wipe out all the data from the hard disk of your PC, making it completely new ready for resell or reuse with the new start. Once the format process is done you need to reinstall the operating system in your HP laptop. HP laptop users looking to format their device need to follow few careful steps given below.

Step1: You need to insert windows installation CD containing HP laptops optical drive. If you don’t have windows installation CD, then buy the new one matching the windows operating system version installed into your system. You need to purchase the same version of windows operating system to reinstall after formatting your system.

Step2: Now shut down your system and restart while entering into boot menu that will allow you to find CD or DVD drive to get a copy of windows. In such critical situation you can take help of tech professionals providing HP technical support through remote access.

Step3: To enter into boot menu you need to restart your HP laptop and meanwhile press “ESC” key to enter boot menu at the time when boot menu appears on the screen. Now you can use arrow keys for navigating and highlighting “CD/DVD drive” and press enter key. However, if you not successfully able to enter into boot menu and your system started normally, you can restart.

Step4: When your windows disc loaded, follow the on-screen instructions and after accepting the license agreement click on “Custom (Advanced).” Now select the partition of your hard drive and click on Format to initiate the formatting process. Wait till the process completed and your HP laptop data is completely erased and new operating system available.

When the process completed your HP laptop is ready to sell for new user with completely new user-interface with company stored default settings and configuration. If you have already created a windows recovery disc into any other external device, then you can reinstall the operating system into your HP laptop. However, if you face any problem, you can HP laptop technical support and format your computer with complete safety.    

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