How to Fix Slow Printing Issue of HP Printer?

Desirable speed of a printer is very important to get a timely printout. If your HP printer is running at slow speed, you need to check the issue personally and find the right solution. Actually, there could be multiple reasons that can affect the speed of a printer, and in case of HP inkjet printers, the most likely causes are discussed below with best-recommended solution.

Check and Make Sure Right Driver is Installed

Inappropriately installed driver or outdated driver creates such issues. Hence, check the driver of in your computer as per your HP printer model and if there is an issue, reinstall or repair the driver with the help of computer technicians. Lots of independent service provider offer HP printer support to update the driver remotely.

While printing close all other Programs

When you give a print command, make sure your computer is not running with the workload of other programs running at the same time. Running multiple applications at the same time affect the speed or processing of other programs. Open the task manager and close the programs, not in use or consuming extra memory space of the system.

Check the System Requirements for HP Printer

If your computer does not meet the minimum requirement to install and run HP printer properly, you will face slow speed related issues. HP printers need a better processor, sufficient RAM and adequate amount of disk space to run at normal speed. The minimum system requirements are mentioned on the box of the HP printer and if your system lacks, you can upgrade these configurations and enjoy nonstop printing with HP.

Remove Temporary Files and Installed Fonts

Storing lots of temporary files consumes disk space and affects the speed of other programs. Henceforth, delete such files named with an extension of .tmp, but make sure not remove any important file. Similarly, if you have installed many fonts into your PC, it will eat memory space of a hard drive, resulting in slow speed of the system. To remove such files from your system take help of technicians offering HP printer customer support.

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