How to Fix HP Wireless Printer Communication Problems

A wireless printer provides ease and freedom of connecting your computer to the printer without having the spider mess of cords and connections. You can also share your single printer among multiple computers without the use of extra cabling. If your HP wireless printer doesn’t respond and disappears from your system resources, instantly look for a remedy of glitches that can cause the communication problems between your printer and the PC. For any queries or assistance, you can get the HP wireless printer customer service. You should still check the following conditions that can create printer connection problems.

Case 1 – Incorrect Wireless Network

Your computer and the HP wireless printer both should be connected to the same wireless network to perform the printing job wireless. If your office contains more than the single network connection, you might face connection problems if you have connected the printer to one network and the computer to a different one. In this situation, your PC can’t recognize the printer, because both of the devices aren’t connected to each other. If you open your Internet browser and enter the printer’s IP address into the address bar, you can visit the homepage of your HP printer and find that the network connection is similar.

Case 2 – Wireless Router Glitch

If your wireless router gets into a state of digital confusion, you can’t connect any of the devices to it you want.  To resolve this failure, remove the power cable from the back of your machine, allow it 30 seconds to set and re-plug the electrical cord. This process can eliminate the glitch and allow your printer to resume its work. If you’re unable to bring it back to a working state, then replace your router with a new one.

Case 3 – Firewall Interference

Your computer firewall screens out possibly harmful and unwanted efforts to tap into the wireless network. If you configure this security with too-stringent protocols, it not only prevents the unauthorized access but also can stop you from connecting to and printing your documents to the wireless printer. At this time, you should try to configure the firewall protection just like as it allows you to print the documents without leaving your wireless network open to intruders.

Case 4 – Interference from Other Devices

If your HP wireless printer sets up near to other wireless electronic equipment like telephones or the microwave oven, you may face difficulties in connecting to the network. These components interrupt and even prevent the Wi-Fi signal that your wireless printer should use to offer service to your PC without a wired connection. To get rid of this situation, you can turn to cordless phones that aren’t using the 2.4 GHz frequency or relocate the oven far from your printer.

If everything else fails, get HP tech support

If none of the above-discussed solutions worked to resolve the connection problems and your HP wireless printer is still not communicating with your computer, you must try for additional troubleshooting workarounds. You can call on the HP wireless printer customer care number and consult the technician to resolve the connectivity problems immediately.


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