How to Fix HP Laptop Wireless Connection Issue?

Wireless connection in laptop or computers facilitates to connect from other gadgets or Wi-Fi internet router. It is a hassle-free connectivity feature now comes almost with all range of laptops including HP netbooks and portable computers.

However, uncertain errors can disturb the wireless connectivity of the HP laptop. Either you will not able to connect or lose connection very often frustrating you to get rid of this situation as soon as possible. Here below, we brought a right troubleshooting process for HP wireless problem.

Run Auto Troubleshooting on your System

HP laptops running on Microsoft Windows are equipped with advanced tools that allow the system to run a self-troubleshooting process to fix wireless related multiple issues. However, if your system is running on Windows 7, then you can take help by HP computer support as it has a special code that is specially designed for HP computers.

Uninstall and Reinstall the Wireless Network Adapter Driver

Uninstall and reinstall the wireless network adopter driver that will help you to remove registry values and restore the configurations as per the recommended settings. This process helps to rest wireless network related all the settings accused by the windows. But it would be better if you take the help of tech professionals to do this job.

Update Wireless Network Drivers  

Sometimes outdated drivers create wireless network related to various issues. But downloading and installing the latest driver of wireless adapter can solve wireless connectivity related problems. And if there is a problem with irregular connection drop with wireless internet, updating the driver with HP support resolve such issues.

Resetting Hardware Connections

If the wireless connection at the hardware end is not properly installed, you will face the connectivity problem. Check the combination of your wireless router and wireless modem, unplug and plug again the power cord, and if your router is connected with a separate broadband modem, unplug the power cord to ensure the proper hardware connection. If all these issues not solved then, call to HP customer support number for quick help.

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