How to detect black screen issues in HP computer window 10

If you are facing black screen problems in windows 8 or 10, you need to begin a test and troubleshooting problem. The reason behind this may be hardware errors. There are two different conditions that we need to discuss deeply. Firstly when you try to log into the system and don’t get any type of display on the system. Secondly when you try to sign into the system and it shows totally black screen. How to resolve Black screen problems after log into the system? You need to follow some important tips given below:-

Connect an external monitor to test the display:-

The screen display will not show anything due to your graphic driver corrupted and technical errors with LCD display back light, you need to connect an external display monitor and restart the computer. If your computer system shows the black but you can also hear some sound like beeping tones, fans and spinning drives, it actually means that your computer is operating.

Recover the BIOS of your computer:-

Whenever you try to upgrade BIOS on your notebook, a copy of preceding BIOS version is effectively stored into the HP tools divider of your hard drive. When Black screen errors happen, you need to recover and install last saved version of BIOS Settings. And if your hard drive is functional, you can reset BIOS settings easily. If there is any type of failure, then connect with HP laptop technical support to tackle the errors online.

Reset the memory modules:-

If your computer is not displaying anything, memory modules help you to show such types of displays. Just by resetting memory modules, blank screen issues can be resolved easily. And you need to follow some important steps like you need to eliminate memory module from the slot initially and install again it into the slot to get a better connection effortlessly. Restart your computer so that it can diagnose the memory and therefore black screen errors get resolved completely. If you face any type of technical issue, you can take HP computer tech support help for right solution.

Understanding LED Light:-

Firstly you need to understand the behavior of led light, when you get any type of error with your HP computer at the time of using. LED light begins to react in various ways. Before starting the computer, it shows one or two short beep-beeps, and then it indicates the system is normal. And it also indicates that BIOS startup was successful. If your system makes so many sounds and does not start, there are numerous chances of hardware errors affecting your device. If it happens so, you can go for HP computer tech support phone number to get the expert advice for complex issues.

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