How to Clean your Computer

Cleaning your computer is indispensable; we need fresh air to breath and a clean environment to be healthy, in the similar fashion a computer needs a safe environment to operate well. Therefore, all components and parts of the computer should be cleaned frequently even if you don’t use it regularly. A dirty computer is a home of germs and bacteria(s) that spread inside of the system with the passage of the time and obliterate the correct functionality provided that you are taking of it.  The environment of the computer determines how often you need to clean it.
To clean your computer you will need following tools;
•    Cotton Cloth
•    Simple water
•    Rubbing Alcohol
•    A pack of cotton swab
•    Portable Vacuum
•    Lint free swabs

There are many companies offering good tools for the cleaning purpose, if you can afford you can buy them otherwise use follow simple instructions to do it;
For cleaning hardware, casing, and rubbing down the components the cloth is used. In some cases, paper towel is also suitable, but both do the same job- cleaning. For instance, the mouse can be cleaned with the cloth and it shouldn’t necessarily be wet. Other components like hard-drive, outside of the CPU, and keyboard are also cleaned with the clothes. Before you begin with the cleaning make sure to turn off the PC and unplug all the wires.  Detach the mouse and keyboard from the CPU, and arrange all the cables on the side draw so that you can clean them, too. Do not rub the cloth on the RAM or motherboard as they both have ability to generate ESD and this may cause damage to the system, so beware.

The common mistake that most users make is they use tap water to soak the cloth in and then use it directly on the casing and monitor. This is highly prohibited. Not cleaning the computer can make it fry but overdoing the cleaning will be doubling the damage. Keep this in your mind that your computer shouldn’t be directly in contact with any sort of the liquid.  I recommend you to use rubbing alcohol instead of water as it is safer to use on the system. Other solvents or liquids may be bad for the plastic that you computer contains.  To remove the dust particles and cleaning cigarette particles from the inside of the computer use portable Vacuum, It will suck even tiny particles that are resting deep down in the machine. Removing the dust component is very important, because overtime these particles clog the computer and cause damage to the fan thereby restricting the flow of cool air. As the result, the fresh air does pass in the system and it eventually corrodes the circuitry, and you end up paying more money on the repair of the machine.  When using any vacuum, make sure it’s not any standard machine, which will produce static electricity; instead it should be simple and safe to be used in the cleaning process.

Dip the cotton swaps in the rubbing alcohol and use it for cleaning the hard to reach areas of the computer such as in the middle of the keyboard buttons and tabs of the display or flat screen monitor. Do cleaning with the loose hand and try not to use a high amount of liquid.  Sometimes, lint-free swabs also do the same job but with more safety and ease. You can use lint-free swabs where components are more sensitive to the liquid or where you are afraid of using the liquid.

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