Connect Wired Speakers to your HP Laptop

connect wired speakers to your hp laptop

It is quite common that the output audio from laptops is not usually loud and in some cases is barely audible. That is why when you try to enjoy music or watch movies on the laptop, the output audio usually spoils the experience. It is the reason many users look out for laptop speakers. There are various types of laptop speakers available in the market including wired and Bluetooth wireless speakers. Here is an easy way to learn how to connect wired speakers to your laptop. Additionally, you can contact our experts of HP Laptop Technical Support to get step-by-step assistance on this topic.

Choose a set of laptop speakers

Most of the laptop speakers available in the market are compatible with USB or speaker/headphone jack. The 3.5mm audio output connector of the speaker generally fits in the typical headphone jack of the laptop. However, these speakers require an additional power source to operate. The USB speakers can be connected to the USB port of the laptop; hence they don’t require any additional power source.

Arrange the speakers in your workplace

Speakers come with clear marking as Left and Right and are sometimes accompanied by a subwoofer. Keep in mind to arrange them according to your place and also see that the connector cable should reach the laptop without any problem.

Adjust the volume on speaker and laptop

Turn the volume in the speaker to the minimum and adjust the volume of the laptop to 75 percent.

Plug the connection into the Laptop

First check if your laptop is on. Then connect the audio connector cable of the speaker into the corresponding port on the laptop. If you are using 3.5mm connector cable, look for a small jack with the drawing of a headphone or microphone on the sides of the laptop. Put the connector into the jack withdrawing of the headphone. If you are using a USB connector, then connect it to the USB port and wait for the drivers to install automatically.

Turn the Speakers on

If your speakers are accompanied by a power cable, plug it in the power source. Now switch on the speakers by pressing the power button of the speaker.

Play audio on the laptop

To check if your speakers are working, play some music on your laptop. If you don’t hear any music, check if you have properly connected the speaker to the laptop.

In this way, you will be able to connect wired speakers to your laptop. If you are having any issue regarding your laptop, you can contact our HP Laptop support phone number.

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