5 Simple and Effective Ways to Fix HP Cartridge Error Messages

Fix HP Cartridge Error
HP Printers are one of the best printers for both individual and expert life. The vast majority of us get disappointed when you get Effective Ways to Fix HP Cartridge Error Messages appears while printing the important docs. Frequently, the tolerance level expanded through the error warning flies up on the show over and over, amid the installation of another HP cartridge in your printer. In these unfortunate circumstances where the series of work are pending and printed docs are required desperately, hence, here are a few strategies to beat your dissatisfaction. You need to take the underneath specified tips that can evacuate the HP Cartridge Error Messages. In this way, you can undoubtedly print your vital records with no bother! Also, you can get counseling from the professionals at HP Customer Support Number. However, in the meantime, take a look at the pointers below:

Reinstall ink Cartridge for Fix HP Cartridge Error Messages

Fixed HP Cartridge Error Messages. Right off the bat, open the intro page of your printer and effectively expel the HP cartridge. Presently, put the ink cartridge in the holder, close the title page and afterward kill your HP printer for 1-2 minutes. The interim of a couple of minutes makes the printer on and ready to print a demo page. If the ink cartridge still gives the mistake message, then painstakingly take after the second tip.

Clean up the cartridge

Just kill your HP printer. Presently, open the title page and tranquility evacuate the HP ink cartridge. From that point onward, wipe out the copper contacts from side to side and through and through. Presently, delicately remove the ink cartridge by utilizing a build up the free fabric. By then, set your round back in the cartridge holder and after that close the top. Kill the printer for one moment. Following one moment, turn on your HP printer and attempt a test page for checking the print quality. If still faces the issue, then take after the underneath said tip.

Reset your HP printer for Fix HP Cartridge Error Messages

Only turn on your printer. Just, open the cover and charmingly evacuate both the shaded cartridge. From that point onward, separate the power link from the posterior of the printer. All the more along these lines evacuate the links if hurrying to your framework and switch. You need to sit tight for one moment and reconnect with all them. After opening the title page, you need to reinstall the dark and shading ink cartridge. Toward the end, turn on the HP printer and print a test page. Presently, your issue will be thoroughly explained.

Check Cables and print settings

Do guarantee that the HP printer links are very much appended. If all else fails, a client is asked for to kill the printer, unplug it and after that distinction the majority of the printer links painstakingly. Later on, connect it back to and after that reconnecting the entire printer links are prescribed. Turn on the printer just to check whether the blunder has been gotten out or not? Check for the print settings deliberately in the HP printer programming to know whether every one of the pages is performing appropriate printing capacities or not? Ensure that every one of the edges is similarly set to in any event with least edges that a clients’ HP printer can bolster.

Check the cartridge and print heads

HP Tech support experts additionally prescribe clients to nearly check for the HP Cartridge Error Messages and print heads to guarantee whether they’re installed appropriately or not? Next, do keep an eye out for the printer cartridges if they are unfilled or filled? Indeed, if the ink cartridges are found to have an adequate measure of ink, then just reinstall the cartridges and the print heads. On the off chance that the ink cartridge is unfilled, and then supplanting them with another one is prescribed

In case, you are stuck with the process, we would recommend you to get quick assistance from the professionals. And, for connecting with them, make sure that you call them up at HP customer service number.

How to Fix HP Wireless Printer Communication Problems

How to Fix HP Wireless Printer Communication Problems

A wireless printer provides ease and freedom of connecting your computer to the printer without having the spider mess of cords and connections. You can also share your single printer among multiple computers without the use of extra cabling. If your HP wireless printer doesn’t respond and disappears from your system resources, instantly look for a remedy of glitches that can cause the communication problems between your printer and the PC. For any queries or assistance, you can get the HP wireless printer customer service. You should still check the following conditions that can create printer connection problems.

Case 1 – Incorrect Wireless Network

Your computer and the HP wireless printer both should be connected to the same wireless network to perform the printing job wireless. If your office contains more than the single network connection, you might face connection problems if you have connected the printer to one network and the computer to a different one. In this situation, your PC can’t recognize the printer, because both of the devices aren’t connected to each other. If you open your Internet browser and enter the printer’s IP address into the address bar, you can visit the homepage of your HP printer and find that the network connection is similar.

Case 2 – Wireless Router Glitch

If your wireless router gets into a state of digital confusion, you can’t connect any of the devices to it you want.  To resolve this failure, remove the power cable from the back of your machine, allow it 30 seconds to set and re-plug the electrical cord. This process can eliminate the glitch and allow your printer to resume its work. If you’re unable to bring it back to a working state, then replace your router with a new one.

Case 3 – Firewall Interference

Your computer firewall screens out possibly harmful and unwanted efforts to tap into the wireless network. If you configure this security with too-stringent protocols, it not only prevents the unauthorized access but also can stop you from connecting to and printing your documents to the wireless printer. At this time, you should try to configure the firewall protection just like as it allows you to print the documents without leaving your wireless network open to intruders.

Case 4 – Interference from Other Devices

If your HP wireless printer sets up near to other wireless electronic equipment like telephones or the microwave oven, you may face difficulties in connecting to the network. These components interrupt and even prevent the Wi-Fi signal that your wireless printer should use to offer service to your PC without a wired connection. To get rid of this situation, you can turn to cordless phones that aren’t using the 2.4 GHz frequency or relocate the oven far from your printer.

If everything else fails, get HP tech support

If none of the above-discussed solutions worked to resolve the connection problems and your HP wireless printer is still not communicating with your computer, you must try for additional troubleshooting workarounds. You can call on the HP wireless printer customer care number and consult the technician to resolve the connectivity problems immediately.


How to clean up the rollers of HP Printers

Well, it is an undoubted fact that HP or Hewlett Packard is one of the top-notch brands in the world of printers. It promises users with incredible performances and user-friendly technology. It comes equipped with all the latest technology so that users enjoy a hassle-free experience while using the device. However, being an electronic device itself, we cannot escape from the fact that it also homes to a plethora of glitches. Though these glitches are considered to be minor ones, it might turn out to be a chronic one if not resolved at the initial level itself. So, if you have ever come across any such situation, it is necessary for you to consult the professionals of HP Printer Customer Service.

However, in case you want to troubleshoot the printer on your own, the first thing you need to check is that if the printer is clean or not. Just in case, if the printer is not clean, it is must for you to clean it up, especially its rollers as this could be the major reason why printer stops to function the way it should be. And, if you don’t know how to clean up the rollers of HP Printers, we have enlisted a few simple and easy steps below, just go through them and try to follow. The steps will help you to clean up the rollers while ensuring that no such problems further occur.

  • In order to clean up the rollers, you need to first remove the power cord plugged in to the electrical outlet. After you have unplugged the power cord, only then you should open the printer cover, followed by exposing the printer rollers.
  • Once the printer rollers have been exposed, it is the right time to remove the paper from the “in” tray, and then you can have any paper the “out” tray.
  • In the next step, you need to hold the wet cloth against the first roller with one hand, and then you must use the other hand to turn the roller manually.
  • In the end, you need to replace the paper in the “in” tray. Once the replacement has been done, you need to plug the printer in; followed by printing a few test pages. After this, the rollers will automatically start taking the papers from the “in” tray. And, if this doesn’t happen, you must repeat the process.

Also, as an alternate option, make sure that you have taken help from the experts by calling them up at HP Printer Tech Support NumberAs soon as you call at this number, your call will be connected with the experts. And, these experts will promise that your issues have been fixed immediately and permanently. They would basically guide you with troubleshooting tips or fix the issue via remote access.

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Quick and Easy Ways to Get your HP Printer Aligned

Quick and Easy Ways to Get your HP Printer Aligned

quick and easy ways to get your hp printer aligned
No matter which model of HP Printer are you using, facing issues and glitches with it are quite obvious and common. While sometime you might come across a situation where your printer will crash suddenly, there are other instances where users come across a paper jamming issue. Though all such issues are minor and can be fixed easily, if someone takes help from the professionals by calling them up at HP customer service numberthere are a few other problems that are considered to be complex and chronic. One such error is the alignment error. So, when you have been using HP Printer for quite some time now and suddenly notice that “Alignment Failed” error message is being displayed on the screen, it is probably because there is a problem in the alignment of the device and you need to align it properly once again in order to continue using the printer.

How to Get HP Printer Aligned?

There is a specific process to do so, and you are advised to be careful while aligning the device. If you don’t know how to do it, read this blog as here, we are going to enlist some of the basic steps that you might require in order to get your HP Printer aligned. So, take a quick look at the pointers and the steps given below.

  • At first, you need to turn the printer on

  • Now, make sure that you have loaded small stack of plain paper inside the input tray so that you can take out the printouts

  • After that, you are supposed to launch the application for HP Solution Center on your system immediately

  • Now, you need to click on the option that prompts “Settings,” followed by clicking on “Print Settings” option, available on the HP Solution Center’s page

  • There, you will find the option of “Printer Toolbox,” you need to click on it.

  • A new window will open in front of you, and then, you will have to click on “Align the Print Pages”

  • So, click on the option that says “Align,” and then you are supposed to follow the step-by-step on-screen instructions. It will help you in calibrating the printers, followed by accurately aligning its cartridges.

If this doesn’t help, you can try a few other methods as well to ensure that the printer has been aligned properly so that you can start using the device without any hassles. Some of those hacks are given below, have a glance and try to follow them as instructed.

Reset Your HP Printer Setting

You need to reset the printer. And for resetting, you need to power on the printer, followed by disconnecting all the power chords. After 10 to 15 seconds, make sure that you have plugged in the chords once again to the power outlet. Now, turn on the printer once again and try to take the test print out. There are chances that your issue will be resolved; however, if it doesn’t, make sure that you have also tried another hack.

You have to use the correct size of paper. The size and the quality of the paper matters the most, especially to avoid paper jamming and alignment error. In fact, avoid using low quality of papers as it hampers the quality of the printout. Now, try to take the test printout.

If the problem still persists, you need to keep in mind that you have to call HP printer customer service numberAs soon as you call at this number, you will be connected with the experts who will guide you throughout, until your issue gets fixed.

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Simple Ways and Easy Steps to fix HP LaserJet Printer

Simple Ways and Easy Steps to fix HP LaserJet Printer

simple ways and easy steps to fix hp laserjet printer
Do you have an HP Laser Printer and confronting issues with the same? Indeed, you shouldn’t freeze in such a case because most clients confront such issues while using their printing gadgets. Also, all such errors are minors and can be effortlessly settled in no time. Presently, if you need to know the process to resolve the errors and glitches of HP LaserJet Printers, you need to ensure that you have taken HP Printer assistance from their HP customer support team. Likewise, if you would prefer to fix the issue on your own, we would suggest you follow the steps and process that are mentioned below:

Fix Issues with HP LaserJet Printers:-

Paper Jamming (One of the most well-known issues)

  • The first thing you ought to do to determine paper sticking error is to tidy up the gadget. Periodical cleaning without a doubt settles the matter much of the time.
  • Also, you ought to supplant the rollers by introducing another preventive upkeep unit
  • In the meantime, we would suggest you read the manual once to check if the paper you are utilizing is falling under the said particulars or not.

Toner spreads or quits staying on the paper

  • There are chances that the user is defaulted so check by supplanting the fuser.
  • If you find that user is splendidly fine, you can be guaranteed that the issue is with the toner cartridges. In this way, if not the user, supplanting toner cartridge will clearly settle the issue.
  • There are additionally odds of spilling of the toner. Along these lines, you ought to once check the printer and tidy it up completely.
  • Toner may have spilled into the printer. Wipe out the printer.

50.4 ERROR

On the off chance that you are using the HP LaserJet Printers, you may have run over this error code at any rate once. If you don’t have any acquaintance with, it fundamentally shows the issue of energy supplies.

To settle the error, you should:

  • Check if the printer is stopped through the UPS. On the off chance that yes, unplug it and fitting it specifically to the divider, particularly on account of the power surges, HP Laser Printer ought to never be stopped to the UPS.
  • Also, you should check the attachment in which the printer is stopped, and ensure that it is working appropriately.

Blurred printouts

There are chances that you run over a circumstance where you get blurred or mostly blurred printouts. There could be different purposes for the same, in any case, the most noticeable ones are: –

  • Low toner
  • Low Printing Density
  • Turned on Economode

To settle this, you should:

  • Shake the toner cartridge in the wake of expelling it at any rate once.
  • Make beyond any doubt that Economode is killed
  • Go through the manual to check the correct setting for an appropriate printing thickness and do it similarly.

Error 79

A 79 error can occur because of an issue with the system’s print server that organizations the printer. While researching a 79 bungle, first open the Printer envelope from the Start menu on the Print Server to guarantee no occupations are pending. A 79 error can in like manner demonstrate a failure of a printer add-on portion, for instance, an MIO card or a RAM module.

Every one of extra things should be cleared and after that extra back to the printer one by one to make sense of which module may be at fault. Now, to resolve these errors permanently, take help from the experts and contact HP customer service. Your issues will be fixed as soon as possible.

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How to print on an HP Printer without the ink?

How to print on an HP Printer without the ink?

how to print on an hp printer without the ink
No matter how beneficial using an HP Printer is, especially because of the benefits that it offers and features that it is equipped with; we cannot deny that HP Printer is extra expensive. If you compare it with any other printing machine’s brand, you would definitely realize that the total monthly expenditure of printing while using HP Printer will automatically increase. And, this might be because of the over-expensive ink cartridges. Probably this is the reason a lot of users avoid refilling the ink after every frequent interval. You can obviously consult the team in order to understand the ways through which you can save money while using HP Printers. To consult the team, you can simply dial HP support phone numberKeeping that aside, here we have come up with a set of tricky steps that let us print hassle-free even when the device is running out of ink. The steps for the same are given below; you can take a quick look:

Step .1

In the starting of the process, it is necessary for you to cress on the option that says “Menu.” You will be able to find this option on the printer’s control panel.


In the next step, you are required to press either the “<” option or the “>”option. It will help you to locate the “Service” setting. Once you have found it, make sure that you have pressed the “Enter” button.


Now, in the next step, you are again required to click either the “<” option or the “>” option. Clicking on any of the two options will help to find the option for  “Restore Default.,”  As soon as you have found the option, it is necessary for you to click on the “Enter” button. The entire process will help the user to change the printer to its default settings.


Now, you need to go back to your computer, followed by clicking on another option that says “Print.” You can find this option in the file that you are trying to print. In the next step, you are supposed to choose the option for “properties,” followed by clicking on the “Color” tab.


In the next step, you need to click on the check mark which says “Print in grayscale.” Once you have clicked on that option, it is quite apt that you will be able to print the documents in black and white.

Now, if you realize that even after following the steps that are given here, you are not able to print any document, you need to consider that you have taken quick help from the experts. All you are supposed to do to get in touch with the professionals is to call them up at HP printer support phone number USABy calling up at this number, you will be able to connect with the experts who are available round the clock to resolve its issues.

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How to fix HP Protected Cartridge Error?

How to fix HP Protected Cartridge Error?

how to fix hp protected cartridge error
Recognized as one of the best brands, HP or Hewlett Packard offers some of the best electronic devices, including laptops and printers. But, if we try to be honest, it is the printers which are considered to be their best creation. Perfect in terms of features and interface, HP Printers are loved and used by the users of all across the globe. However, a few of its issues keep on affecting the users as they could not perform any tasks until the issue has been resolved. Like other issues, there is one more issue associated with the HP Printer, and that is “HP Protected Cartridge” error. To resolve this problem, you can contact the experts at fix HP Protected Cartridge ErrorAlternatively, you can read this blog to know more about the same.

What is “HP Protected Cartridge” Error?

The HP is playing tricks against the refilling of anonymous cartridges with their protective system. And, it is bad news for the users. Once you have set up and installed the cartridge on an HP Printer, the device will automatically mark it as protected. And, if the cartridge has been protected, it would never allow the usage of the refilled one in another printer.

How to Troubleshoot “HP Protected Cartridge” Error?

You can get rid of this problem by removing the chip on your cartridge. And, to be honest, this is quite impossible, especially for a non-tech savvy user. You can do this by taking help from the experts. You should visit the store from where you have purchased or simply call the professionals of HP Printers. They will guide with easy troubleshooting tips.

How to avoid “HP Protected Cartridge” Error in the future?

If you want to prevent this error to ever happen again, you need to be aware of a few tricks.

You need to know that this protected error only happens when you have installed the genuine cartridge. So, make sure that you have disabled this feature.

If your printer doesn’t have the internet connection: In case, your printer is out of the range of the internet connectivity, you will be happy to know that you would not have to face this problem. And for that, you need to go to the “Settings” option. And here, you will get the option of “Disable Cartridge protection,” just click on it.

Now, if you have any other query, feel free to contact the experts at HP customer service phone number USA. They will guide with some easy steps and will promise you some easy solution.

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HP Printer 0xc19a0020 Error Code: How to fix or Troubleshoot it?

HP Printer 0xc19a0020 Error Code: How to fix or Troubleshoot it?

hp printer 0xc19a0020 error code how to fix or troubleshoot it
HP is a brand name which is focused on manufacturing and delivering some of the best printers. It offers devices with a perfect performance level, speed, and extraordinary features. Most of its printers are designed in a modish way, and so, users choose this brand over any others. However, there are times, when we couldn’t stop ourselves from facing a few technical glitches while utilizing the HP Printers.

Though there are lots of error codes related to the printer, a few of them are quite complex and require a quick resolution from the experts. HP Printer 0xc19a0020 Error Code is one of those issues that keep on bugging the users. You can fix it up by calling the experts at HP Printer support number. However, to be honest, you also have the option to read this blog and troubleshoot the errors manually. So, take a look:

What is 0xc19a0020 Error Code in an HP Printer?

The error seems quite difficult for the user to decode because it doesn’t give any explanation. But, in reality, the error is related to the ink system failure. It might cause various issues in the long run. In fact, if you face this error, there are chances that your printer will stop to function properly. Also, it indicates that there is a print-head issue or a connectivity error. If there is an alignment failure, you would still face this error.

What are the symptoms of HP Printer 0xc19a0020 Error Code?

You can analyze the cause and effect of this error, if you know the symptoms of the error. So, to help you out, we have decided to enlist some of the major symptoms. Take a look as it will help you in troubleshooting the error:

  • Printer not able to print docs
  • No availability of the printing signal
  • Unavailable 3D Driver
  • Printer shocking
  • 3D features are unable to perform any task

What is the reason behind the HP Printer 0xc19a0020 Error Code?

Though there could be various reasons behind this error, identifying the exact one is a difficult task. But yes, there are a few common causes for the same. Check out if any of the below-listed reasons tally with your case or not.

  • If the printer is broken
  • Spooler device is unable to function properly
  • The printer driver is not automatically installed
  • Poor connectivity
  • Improper wireless connection
  • Cartridges are not placed properly.
  • Not using the original cartridge

These are some of the major reasons that cause such errors. If you have faced a similar kind of issues, you need to assure that you have taken consider the above points to check the reasons. If you identify the reason, you would be able to troubleshoot the error faster than ever,.

How to fix HP Printer 0xc19a0020 Error Code?

  • At first, you need to check if the cartridges are locked properly at the specified position or not. You need to also ensure that the alignment of the cartridges is done properly. Here, you should also consider that you have not bent them.
  • It is also advisable for you to remove the cartridges, followed by checking its smart chip along with maintaining its placement and alignment.
  • Now, you need to also assure that there are no scratched chips. In fact, even a single deep scratch would hamper the total performance of the printer. In case, you have found one, you should replace it as soon as possible.
  • Now, the next thing you are supposed to do is to reset the HP Printer. You can easily reset the printer by taking help of the manuals given to you with the device.
  • Now, you need to insert the refilled cartridges which are free from all types and errors and defects. In case, you have found any issues, you need to keep in mind that you have not used any such cartridges that defective.

Easy way to resolve HP Printer 0xc19a0020 Error Code

The alternative way to fix the issue is that you can consult the experts for fixing the matters immediately. Also, you have the option to contact them by email or chat services. But, for an immediate response, you should call them up directly at their customer support or service number. All you need to do is to call them up at HP printer support phone number USA.Just as you call at this number, you can quickly ask for an immediate resolution for all your queries related to the same. The team of certified professionals would guide you that no such problems ever occur again. As the number is toll-free, you would not be charged anything extra for getting connected with them. Moreover, they are available 24*7 so you can get in touch with them as soon as possible at any time and from any place.

So, next time if you are stuck with this error code, either follow the above-mentioned steps or call the experts immediately.

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How to Troubleshoot Spooler and Carriage Error of an HP Printer?

How to Troubleshoot Spooler and Carriage Error of an HP Printer?

how to troubleshoot spooler and carriage error of an hp printer
HP printers are magnificent solutions for home and business-related printing requirements. The printers are compact and easily portable, and thus, you can find them near you when you are trying to print your essential documents.

These devices incorporate numerous system attachments and printer emulations and these things, let them work efficaciously for almost all computing systems.

The best part of using the HP Printer is that the telephone lines of Hewlett Packard customer support are opened for the users round the clock. So, you can anytime contact them in order to resolve your queries regarding the same.

When we talk about the hardware of the device, its printers come with two major significant parts: the spooler and carriage compartments. It helps the device in performing two different functions as well.

The Spooler is the program which administers spooling, an action which puts jobs on a queue and thus taking each job separately and one at a time. One or more spoolers can be found in most of the operating systems, for instance, a printer spooler spools the document.

Additionally, there are some applications which also comprise spoolers. Several word processors, for instance, have their separate print spooler. The best advantage of a print spooler is that it allows the change of document order placed in the queue and also cancels particular print jobs.

A carriage is a compartment in the printer which is made for storing ink carriages and when this carriage moves in forward and backward direction, it transfers ink on the paper.

Now, since these two are technically programmed components of the printers, they may face issues time to time, and therefore, it would need a perfect troubleshooting action. Let’s find out how to troubleshoot spooler and carriages issues of the HP printer. First, start with the carriages

Carriage Troubleshooting-
Carriages errors might happen due to numerous reasons like the blockage in the carriage path, a paper jam or there might be any product software bug causing the issues. When carriage gets stuck, you will find a grinding noise while you are printing the documents because its actuator arms find it difficult to run properly, which stops it from moving.
The solution of Carriage Jam/Error is very simple; find them in the following steps-

• You just need to turn off the printer, and then open it to check where the paper is stuck or not.
• After that, it is important for you to move the carriage manually in the opposite direction.
• Now, you have to check the path of the paper and remove the paper or any other things which have stuck in the path. You need to remove those obstructions manually.
• Now, you have to reconnect the power cord to turn on the printer.

Spooler Troubleshooting-
As we have mentioned earlier, the spooler transfers our instructions in the form of a command to the printer. And, as per the command received by the device, it performs the task. However, if you are noticing any sort of issues related to the spooler, you need to follow a few significant steps to troubleshoot it.
Find an easy HP printer spooler troubleshooting in following steps-

• You have to press “Window Key + R” at the same time to open Run dialogue on the printer.
• Then, you need to put “services.msc” and now select the “OK” button.
• Now you have to double-click the “Printer Spooler” and then change the startup type which will be seen on the screen to “Automatic”. Now, your Spooler service will be able to start automatically after restarting the computer. Now, select the button “OK”.
• After restarting the computer, you will be able to install the printer again.

Now, after you have understood the importance and ways to troubleshoot the spooler and carriage of the HP Printer, don’t forget to follow the steps given above. In case, you have any other questions, you need to keep in mind that the experts of the HP Printer are available for you to 24*7. So, take the help of them by calling at HP Printer phone number. The number mentioned here is toll-free and is open to the users throughout the day and night. So, you can immediately contact them in order to get a perfect solution.

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3 Simple Techniques for Aligning the HP Printer

3 Simple Techniques for Aligning the HP Printer

Though we think that Hewlett Packard offers printers that are completely error-free, it is not the case always. Quite similar to any other brands of printing machines, HP Printers do have several significant errors, which cannot be ignored so easily. Be it the paper jamming or the spooler error, the user often gets stuck in the middle and couldn’t complete the printing tasks.  But, to be honest, it is the alignment issue that makes the user clueless about the matter.

So, as a solution to this problem, you need to take the help of the experts at HP Printer Customer Service USA. But, at the same time, we have come up with this blog where we have decided to enlist the three simple and important techniques for aligning the HP Printer in the best possible ways. You can go through the hacks and implement them accordingly, in case you are facing a similar kind of issues.

When you notice that your printer is showing the alignment error, you need to know that this problem occurs due to several reasons. There is a chance that your printer’s ink cartridges are not aligned properly, and due to the same reason,  it has stopped working. Moreover, if the proper re-setting is not done or if you are not using the right paper type, then you might face the alignment issue.

How to Align the Ink Cartridges with an HP Printer?

  • At first, you are supposed to turn on the printer.
  • Now, you are required to immediately load the new bundle of paper into the paper tray.
  • In the next step, make sure that you have successfully launched the application for HP Solution Center on your system
  • For Windows user, you can locate the app by clicking on the “Start” button, and then tap the “Programs” option. Later, click on the “HP” button.
    You need to click on the “Settings” option, followed by the option for “Print Settings” which you can avail only at the HP Solution Center.
  • You need t0 keep in mind that you have click on the “Printer Toolbox.” After you have clicked on the option, the printer toolbox option will appear on your screen.
  • Now, you are supposed to click on the option that prompts “Align the Print Cartridges.”
  • In the end, all you need to do is to click on the “Align” button, and then you need to immediately follow the on-screen instructions for quickly aligning the ink cartridges of the printer.

How to Reset the HP Printer?

  • At first, you are supposed to turn on the printer.
  • Now, you need to disconnect all the power chords. However, make sure that your printer is powered on while you unplug the chords.
  • You need to unplug the cords from the electrical outlets as well.
  • Wait for a few seconds, and then plug it back once again.
  • Now, print the test paper, and then you need to check if the printer has been aligned or not. If the problem persists, move on to the method.

Use the correct size/ type of papers

The last thing that you must keep in mind is that you are supposed to use the right type and size of the papers. If you don’t know what correct size or type is, it would be a good idea if you can take the help of the manual which had got to the printer at the time of purchasing it.

Now, if none of the three hacks are useful to you, make sure that you immediately consulted the experts. Just pick up your phone now and quickly dial the HP customer complaint number. The number is toll-free and immediately connects you to the team of experts, who are available for you round the clock and fixes all common and complex issues related to the HP Printer.

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