How To Get Hp Printer Support Assistant for Windows

hp printer support assistant

Hewlett Packard manufactures high-end printers of all kinds for domestic as well as office use. The company’s 80-year-old legacy and innovations in the electronics space speaks for its high quality and sophisticated products. Today, HP is not only famous for its advanced printers, but also its high-end HP Support Assistant services. The company has worked hard on this front and set industry benchmarks to ensure that all of its customers are enjoying a seamless service from their HP products no matter where they are placed on the globe. One can easily find HP Printer Support Assistant at any time and as per their convenience. The company operates a dedicated support centre to assist its customers for all possible requirements. Right from how to go about the installation of your new printer to troubleshooting, the HP Printer Support Assistance ensures you always have the best and smooth experience.


If your printer isn’t working as it should, or if you’re facing some difficulty in operating it correctly, there are many ways of resolving your issue. You can check the HP website and look up a solution to your problem, connect with the support centre via phone, or even check with people who are a part of online communities or forums dedicated to troubleshooting and resolving common issues.  HP also maintains and offers an extensive database of articles, manuals, etc. for all of its products. These manuals and materials provide tips, suggestions, and even solutions to all sorts of mechanical and technical troubleshooting. Here’s a glimpse of the various ways in which you can find HP Printer Support assistant for Windows 

Register Your Product By HP Support Assistant

Bought a new HP product? Great! But before you get started with your new device, make sure that you register your purchase with HP. This is a recommended and an essential practice because it helps the company to take your product on record so that your warranty is updated and there is no delay in service. Registering your product also allows the company to learn more about you, your objective of buying the product, your location and preferred mode of contact – all of this to make sure they are able to give you a personalized and enhanced overall experience. You can quickly register your product online on the HP website of your region.


HP Support Assistant for Websites

Hewlett Packard offers extensive support for all of its printers online via its website. Visit the HP website of your region, find your printer using with its name or its product serial number; or by simply searching via keywords that are related to your product. For every product, the company offers a dedicated set of support options like basic product information, topics for generic troubleshooting, tutorials on ‘how to do this or that’, links to download software and drivers or for updating old device drivers, product’s mechanical and technical specifications, notices/ news/ bulletins for significant changes/ updates, user guidelines, video-format explanatory tutorials, and much more. You can browse through these support categories and find a solution that suits your requirement.

Watch a video on how to install device drivers on your windows computer or how to clean a paper jam from your all-in-one inkjet printer; follow the steps as suggested, and you’ll be able to fix your printer with ease. Not able to correctly locate the cause of your problem? Join a forum and ask people about the problem you are facing; you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find an instant response from members willing to offer help. Join the community and help others too!



If browsing through the website and locating a solution to your problem isn’t quite your cup of tea or maybe sounds a little tedious, don’t worry, simply pick up your phone and dial-in to the HP support center hotline for your region and speak to a technician. Merely visit the HP website for your region and check the hotline/ toll-free number for support. The site displays various options one can use to get in touch with the customer support technicians team. Feed in your location and the preferred language, and they’ll give you the number of the dedicated line with technicians who speak your preferred language. You would be required to validate your product purchase via the serial number of your product or via the HP Care Pack ID provided to you at the time of sale or registration. Speak to the technician about your product, its status, and nature of the problem you are facing with it; and the experts would assist you in fixing your issues over the phone itself.



HP also offers a pre-programmed software or application for automating support services for your printers and personal computers – the HP Support Assistant. This software, when installed on your personal computer, allows you to manage your HP printer and other HP products directly. The application helps in auto-detecting issues and provides you with instant solutions. It also keeps you abreast with news, notifications, and other important updates related to your printers. The HP support assistant is an incredible tool and ranks in the ‘must have apps’ list for all HP product users.

Tip: Keep your printer software and drivers updated at all times for the best experience!



If you are not able to find HP Support Assistance for your printer on the company’s website, the chances are that your printer is maybe no longer supported by HP. HP typically discontinues its support services for old products after a period of ten years. If you suspect your printer’s support has been discontinued, you can visit the HP website and browse through the list of products which have been retired by them. If unfortunately, your printer features in the list, it is still not the end of the road. You can, probably, always find some supporting content from online forums or independent websites or you can ask a local technician for help.


HP Printer Support Assistant is an independent provider of remote tech support for third party products. Any use of third party trademarks, brand names, product and services is only for reference. Printer Tune Up hereby disclaims any sponsorship, affiliation or endorsement of or by any third parties. If your product is covered by warranty, the support service maybe available for free from manufacturer.

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